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Three Hole EZ Glide

Walker Balls

The ONLY precut walker ball that can be used 3 times.


NGU stands for "Never Give Up". It is our trademark brand which is our inspiration and drives our desire to offer a quality product. We are a family owned business located in Mississippi and we have been in operation since 2008. We are the owners of the patented "Three Hole EZ Glide Walker Ball". It is a product of the USA. We are the ONLY company in the world that makes this unique style of walker balls. Our product is Physical Therapist tested and approved.


It is our belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Our product is designed to be affordable and EZ to use, while promoting safe walker use.


First of all, we discovered that many plastic walker glides scuffed and marked many types of floor surfaces, which is why nursing homes and hospitals place tennis balls on their walkers and not plastic skis.

Secondly, we believe that it is a waste of a tennis ball to use it only one time and then throw it away. Our product decreases the number of tennis balls that end up in landfills by 66%.

Thirdly, we have also found it to be difficult, as well as dangerous, when attempting to cut your own tennis balls.

Our patented design allows you to use the SAME walker ball 3 times before it needs to be replaced. We at NGU, wanted to develop a product that was EZ to use, made of good quality, and affordable. You will find our price very competitive with any other type of walker glide on the market.


The "Three Hole EZ Glide Walker Ball" is the ONLY walker ball sold that can be used 3 times before it needs to be replaced. It has 3 precut circular holes that fit most walker legs securely. The two holes that are not being used are covered with circular black hole plugs that are designed to be easily removed and replaced when they are needed. Each circular hole plug has our trademark logo "Never Give Up" imprint.